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  • I scored the highest tertiary entrance rank in my school without studying a day in my life and had my pick of any university course or career. I went to university, and excelled at exams, but because I had undiagnosed ADHD and had never learned time management, I couldn’t cope with assignments that couldn’t be thrown together at the last minute in my lunch break. I was academically excluded.

    So there was that. Basically, my life has continued to look like some variation of that experience since then :P

  • The joys of being a 2E student.

    Gifted, with undiagnosed ADHD.

    Flew in to university without ever learning how to organise my time. Smashed every exam university put in front of me. Failed every form of written assessment that required time management and planning, instead of just knowing the answers. Even after they put me on academic probation and I understood how serious it was, I couldn’t fix it, because I didn’t know I had ADHD at the time, and had never learned the organisational skills required, because I’d never needed them to succeed academically before.

  • Ada@lemmy.blahaj.zonetoLefty Memes@lemmy.dbzer0.comWhat Radicalized You?
    21 days ago

    The “left” government of my country deciding that overt inhumanity towards refugees was not only something they could overlook, but also something that they were going to make part of their formal policy

    And then years later, I transitioned. If I hadn’t already have been pushed over the line, that would have done it…

  • Either that, or you create an account on the communities home instance and give it mod privileges too, and that way you won’t ever get caught short by federation issues, blocking etc.

    Shouldn’t you be taking pictures of birds though, haha.

    Soon! It’s Friday evening here, but I’ll be out again this weekend :)

  • Ideally, it wouldn’t be either of those things.

    Trans communities for example, Closeted trans folk benefit from people being able to see trans communities and browse them, and just lurk before they post or before they’re ready to join a private community.

    Yet at the same time, sometimes, members have questions that really only other trans people can answer. And there is no problem with other folk seeing it or even engaging with the content, but once it hits all, the ratio of useful answers goes down. So being able to just stop some posts from hitting all, without otherwise locking them down would be a nice option

  • Blahaj zone doesn’t do downvotes, so that side of being visible on /all is a non issue. The only thing that really seems to be an issue is that we will get the odd post intended specifically for members of the community that get visibility in /all, and a bunch of non helpful/irrelevant replies.

    I think it would be nice to be able to make some posts “community members only”, but other than that, I generally think communities are helped by the increased of exposure that comes from /all