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  • TeryVeneno@lemmy.mltoLinux@lemmy.mlKDE Plasma needs stability
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    It’s actually really funny you say that since starting out with default gnome is actually what got me to stick with Linux. I tried out Ubuntu style gnome and tried stuff like dash to panel and dash to dock but found it either unstable or hated it. Vanilla gnome is what got me to be at peace lol. I thought I didn’t like it at first but then it just suddenly clicked once I got over that. Calling it bad is just rude.

  • Aside from the integrated terminal in almost any app, I think gnome has all those other features you mentioned. I do have to say KDE is definitely more customizable though. Also not sure I would say gnome has any MacOS features, the two are very different in my experience. But gnome is definitely lagging on implementation of Somme Wayland things. UI/UX is king though for me so here we are lol.

  • That’s really interesting cause in my experience it’s been the opposite, I feel way too limited and also overwhelmed using kde apps, the plethora of gnome apps on flathub dedicated to doing one thing really well are just wonderful. And sometimes more complicated ones show up too like Design or Denaro or Planify.

  • I run bazzite on my steam deck and gaming pc. It’s honestly just silverblue with gaming specific options, so it’s extremely solid. Coupled with the ability to have the steam deck game mode it beats out all the competition in my eyes. Specifically I would take it over nobara having used both as nobara had some very serious stability issues over time as well as just general package drift. Bazzite has none of that.